Tuoro sul Trasimeno

Tuoro sul Trasimeno, an ancient Etruscan settlement, later occupied by the Romans, has passed into history because the famous Battle of Trasimeno took place on its lands in 217 BC, when the Roman army fought the Carthaginian army led by Hannibal. The first evidence of the present town, however, is from the 14th century. Ferries run from Tuoro to Isola Maggiore, one of three islands on the lake.

Things to see: Palazzo Capra, built during the Renaissance over the tomb of the Roman commander Caio Flaminio. Close to the town, beside the ferry station Punta Navaccia, is the Campo del Sole, a park containing an architectural ensemble of twenty-seven sculptures by famous contemporary artists of various nationalities made from pietra serena, a type of sandstone extracted in the local quarries. The church of S. Lucia in Vernazzano Alto, which houses the painting of S. Michael the Archangel and S. Lucia by the Tuoro-born early 18th-century painter, Anton Maria Garbi. Isola Maggiore, the only one of the three Trasimeno islands still inhabited, complete with its 15th-fishing village. In 1213, St. Francis of Assisi spent the forty-day Lenten period on the island. A chapel commemorates his visit and the place where he prayed.

Places to visit near Tuoro: On the road from Tuoro to Castiglione del Lago is the church of S. Maria, known as the Pieve di Confine (Border Church). Above is the13th-century Monte Gualandro castle that functioned as a customs post. Continuing on, we come to Borghetto, the site of a former monastery dedicated to S. Martin.

Typical local food: Excellent fish from the lake and DOC wines. Try a taste of the Torciglione, a typical Christmas cake shaped like a snake and made from ground almonds, sugar and eggs.

Local crafts: Handmade lace has become a tradition on Isola Maggiore. It was introduced at the end of the 19th century by some Irish employees of the noble Guglielmi family on the island, and so has become known as ‘Irish lace’. The village has an interesting museum collection of traditional and contemporary lace.

Galleria Fotografica Tuoro sul Trasimeno