Certification of quality

Certification of quality

The Aurora Cooperative Society has always sought and selected the best quality products available through our direct contact with local producers.

Moreover, in recent years, to continually and consistently improve the quality of all our processes and ensure CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, we have gained the following international certification, recognised and guaranteed by external certifying bodies:

Quality Management System: endorsed by UNI EN ISO 9001:2008. This guarantees that all the cooperative’s processes (both production and managerial) are constantly supervised through regular monitoring.

The Certifying Body is the TUV.

Environmental Management System: endorsed by UNI EN ISO 14001:2004. This continuous, methodological approach takes account of the need for environmental protection, employing mechanisms that involve the cooperative both internally and externally. Among the concrete objectives recently achieved has been a reduction in water consumption by modifying certain production plants, and the introduction of a differentiated waste collection system for paper, cardboard and plastic.

The Certifying Body is the TUV.

Our policy:


In accordance with UNI EN ISO 14001, the Aurora Cooperative Society, which among its other activities runs Camping Cerquestra on Lake Trasimeno, is fully aware that a responsible economic strategy which focuses on environmental issues resulting from its activities is essential for its success, for maintaining a harmonious relationship with the interested parties, and for the satisfaction of its campsite guests.

The Aurora Cooperative also recognises that the continuous improvement of its environmental performance leads to significant commercial and economic advantages, and at the same time satisfies the expectations of environmental improvement in the local context of the Trasimeno area, which has a particularly sensitive ecosystem.

The Aurora Cooperative is therefore committed to a policy of continuous improvement in its environmental performance by minimising, wherever technically possible and economically viable, any negative impact to the environment resulting from its activities, by reducing its consumption of energy and resources, and by limiting the production of waste.

The Aurora Cooperative seeks to achieve these goals through the following actions:

  • Ensuring that its activities are conducted in accordance with current laws governing the open-air hospitality industry;

  • Constantly maintaining an effective Environmental Management System by adhering to the UNI EN ISO 14001 standards that the organisation has implemented;

  • Making every organisational, operational and technological effort to prevent the pollution of water, air and soil;

  • Minimising the consumption of energy, water and the production of waste; promoting reuse wherever possible, and reducing the amount of wasted materials;

  • Defining environmental objectives and targets to integrate within the operational management of the campsite and the Cooperative’s development programmes.

  • Ensuring that the environmental policy described here and its management are understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organisation, and that they are sustained by regular and systematic educational and training activities;

  • Ensuring that this document is available to staff, interested parties, and campsite guests who would like to know what the Aurora Cooperative does for the environment.

These principles are considered as a guide for the conduct of all staff. Everyone, including our external collaborators and clients, are encouraged to offer suggestions for improving our environmental performance.


The Aurora Cooperative Society’s Administration, in its programme aimed at establishing, maintaining and improving its system of quality management, intends to pursue the goal of providing services that meet the needs of its clients, according to the principles and criteria set out in the reference standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008, and in compliance with the laws on food safety.

The Quality Manual, which this document is part of, describes in detail all actions and checks that are carried out to adequately and satisfactorily reach the objectives that the company aims to achieve.

The Aurora Cooperative Society, based in the ​​Lake Trasimeno area and unique in its nature and its local products, has established the following strategic objectives:

  • To identify the needs and expectations of guests who use its accommodation facilities and restaurants;

  • To expand and refine its marketing system and the promotion of its services;

  • To promote the special nature of the area by making its products and services distinctive;

  • To enhance communication tools in and outside the cooperative, so as to improve the flow of information through and among its associates and employees:

  • To ensure that customer requirements are known and understood by all those who contribute in providing services;

  • To assist the smooth and collaborative running of the company through an appropriate management policy and the professional growth of the working staff;

  • To provide efficient self-checking for the management system so that its activities can be assessed, any problems neutralised, and to supply the administration with specific examples on which to base reviews. The administration also endeavours to circulate and popularise the issue of quality among its staff by raising awareness and through periodic training.

  • Everyone involved in the company is required to accept and implement the quality policy defined by the administration, to apply it to their activities and to examine the results.

  • In order to verify its efficiency and effectiveness, a review of the management system is carried out annually or as required, using all the means provided by the reference standard.

The administration therefore issues and shares an annual document that provides guidance and specific objectives in measurable form, the related commitments for the year indicated and the results achieved in the previous year.

Nel Campeggio Villaggio Cerquestra troverete un'accoglienza cordiale e familiare che renderà il vostro soggiorno piacevole e rilassante.

Il Ristorante La Cantina è situato nel centro storico di Castiglione del Lago, a poche decine di metri dal Palazzo Ducale dei Della Corgna e dalla Fortezza Medievale. Occupa lo spazio di un settecentesco molino per l'olio, la cui antiche arcate, le botti d'epoca, le mole originali e le dimensioni, ne fanno uno degli ambienti più gradevoli e frequentati di tutta l'Umbria. Durante l'estate è possibile consumare i pasti nell'attrezzato e rigoglioso giardino, accompagnati dal profumo dei gelsomini e da una splendida vista sul lago. Non dimenticate per gli incontri serali le nostre pizze, ottime e originali, cotte nel vero forno a legna.


La Pigra Tinca si trova sulla riva del Trasimeno, a fianco della banchina di attracco dei battelli che da Castiglione partono per l'Isola Maggiore. Ristorante cucina lacustre e Pizzeria La nostra specialità è il Pesce di Lago: carpe, tinche, anguille, il celebre tegamaccio e gli antipasti tipici del lago; il tutto accompagnato dai vini dei Colli del Trasimeno.


L'Hotel Aganoor è situato nel corso principale del Centro Storico di Castiglione del Lago, a poche decine di metri dal Palazzo Ducale che fu dei Della Corgna (oggi Museo e percorso Monumentale), e dalla Fortezza Medievale del 1200. Occupa l'intero Secondo Piano di un palazzo aristocratico del '700, che nel suo piano terra ospita il ristorante-giardino "La Cantina", anch'esso gestito dalla Coop. Aurora. Dalla sala comune, una scala a chiocciola conduce alla terrazza-solarium, da dove il bellissimo panorama si apre sul Palazzo e sulla Fortezza, l'intero lago e le sue isole.


Polvese is the largest and most beautiful island on the lake. As a part of the Trasimeno Regional Park it represents a great naturalistic and environmental heritage. The restaurant, bar and residential study centre are managed by the Aurora organisation. The cuisine is typical of the area, based mainly on fish from the lake.


The Catering Line has developed from Aurora Cooperative Society’s decades of experience in the catering sector. Everyone working at Rocca Catering follows the client step by step: from selecting the location and choosing dishes with the best ingredients, to supplying all the equipment and dealing with details essential for an excellent service. We pay particular attention to organisation, and consider no detail too small in ensuring that each event is one to remember. We organise business breakfasts, buffet lunches and dinners, cocktail parties, gala dinners, weddings, receptions, baptisms, graduation parties and any other type of private event. We have various locations to suit requirements: from the premises of our two restaurants – La Cantina and La Pigra Tinca – to Polvese Island and other specific settings chosen for the occasion.